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Chandler airpark growth flying to new heights.

The Arizona Republic

December 3, 2012

Chandler, Ariz. - When the recession slammed the Valley in 2008, Chandler’s municipal airport was not spared.

“The Airpark Area — a 9-square-mile employment corridor anchored by the airport — was hit hardest by the economy tanking,” said Lori Quan, an economic-development specialist stationed at the airport. “More than 500,000 square feet of speculative space was delivered to that submarket, and the buildings stayed unoccupied for a long time.”

A series of management decisions and infrastructure improvements, however, have changed the course of airport and airpark development over the past year, expediting growth.

Late last year, responsibility for the airport was moved from the Chandler Department of Public Works to the Economic Development Department, which allowed it to benefit from that department’s extensive network, Quan said. A new entrance at Cooper Road was completed this year, and tenants who want to go off septic tanks now have access to sewers.

“The vacancy rate is pretty low now, and we’ve hit a couple of milestones that indicate this area is coming back,” Quan said.

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