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Design Lead & Front-End Developer

Aero-Zone is currently seeking a design lead and front-end developer to join our development team.  The candidate will help complete and polish the UI of a large-scale web app.

This person or persons will:
1) Consult with users to determine their specific UI needs.
2) Based upon user feedback, polish the existing forms and data displays.
3) Design and assist in developing new forms and data displays.
4) Assist in polishing other areas of the UI as needed.

- Meteor JavaScript Platform (experience with Meteor not required)
- Bootstrap, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery

Additional Qualifications:
- Must be proficient with the technologies (other than Meteor).
- Must have experience with handlebars-type templating systems.
- Must be comfortable using git.
- Must be comfortable using a terminal.
- Must setup and maintain their own development environment/s.
- Must be able to apply existing code patterns (JavaScript) to new work.
- Must have experience designing and developing large-scale web apps.
- Must have experience designing and developing complex forms and data displays.
- Preferably, will have some experience with auto-updating, reactive UIs.

Please submit resume via e-mail to employment@aero-zone.com.  No phone calls, please.