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About Us

President's Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As Aero-Zone celebrates its eighteenth year, I am humbled when I reflect on what we’ve accomplished in that time. Over almost two decades, we have built the Aero-Zone family; a group of passionate, dedicated individuals who represent the Aero-Zone brand exceptionally well. By combining old-fashioned customer service, with state-of-the-art technology, our team has built and preserved lasting relationships with thousands of companies worldwide. Every one of our team members has played a role in making Aero-Zone the industry's leader in customer service and innovation. But eighteen years is just the beginning.

Much like the first eighteen years, the future of Aero-Zone will be marked by continued innovation. We will continue using technologies developed in-house to leverage the data and knowledge that we have attained over the years. We will continue to listen to and anticipate the needs of our clients, and to create programs to exceed those needs. More than anything, we will continue to cultivate and grow relationships through honesty and by treating our customers the way they should be treated.

None of what we've accomplished would be possible without you, our clients, partners and friends. Thank you for playing a role in the continued growth of Aero-Zone.


Alfredo Dreyfus
Founder and President